when to use appliances with solar panels.

When to use Appliances to get the most out of your Solar Panels?

You’ve made an excellent choice to produce free energy from the Sun!

In this blog you will get the tips to maximize your investment and save money.

Are you thinking to make the most of the free electricity from your solar panels?

If yes, then the very first thing you have to do is, change your routines and start thinking differently about energy use.

Moreover, it may mean planning ahead, such as using your dishwasher or washing machine during the day rather than in the evening.

As we know, Solar-powered photovoltaic (PV) panels convert the sun’s rays into electricity, and this is effectively free electricity that can be used in your house.

when to use appliances with solar panels.

Surplus electricity generated by panels is transferred to the grid for future use.

However, when the sun isn’t shining or when you’re utilizing excess power than your solar panels are generating, then the extra energy will automatically be imported from the national grid.

If you are thinking of installing a residential solar system or just have newly one installed in your home, this is when to use appliances with solar panels.

Tips to Make the Most of Your Solar Panels | More Ways To Save

It makes much more sense to use the electricity (generated by your solar panels) during the day.

By using the light photons, your panels will be generating power in daylight hours.

Usually, the power is generated on the average between 8am – 5 pm. However, its peak time is between 10am2pm.

Thus, it is suggested to use your high energy drawing appliances in this peak time.

For example, you can use your clothes dryer, washing machine, vacuum cleaners, oven, dishwasher, pool heater etc.

It simply means that you have to change your routines.

Suppose, If you are home during daylight hours, then it’s easy whereas, if you are working then put some of your appliances on a timer as it will save you a lot of power and money in the long term.

Now, look at some of the instructions below to use electricity appliances and get the most of it.


– Use a crock pot during daylight hours with a timer.


– Put the washing machine and dryer on a timer.


– Charge your electronic devices that you may use at night such as mobile phones, laptops and any other item which run on batteries.

when to use appliances with solar panels.

 Note: Carefully plan how to do this, as you don’t want to maximize your electricity usage to more than your solar panels are producing. 

#1. Choose the Correct Sized Solar Panel System as Per Your Needs

Minimize the amount of solar power that you used to sell back to the energy providers.

Although, it doesn’t give you a great cost return to be selling all your solar generated electricity back to the energy provider at a cheap price.

But at the end you will gain a credit that you can use as your power at night.

#2. Check Your Inverter

Solar photovoltaic panels comes with an  solar inverter which converts the electricity produced by the panels into a form that electronic appliances like toasters or TVs can use.

A display on the inverter shows how much power is being produced by your panels.

But remember, what you read on your inverter may vary according to weather conditions.

Thus, you are suggested to make a note of the power rating of your electrical appliances and keep it next to your solar inverter display as this will help you make quick decisions about what appliances you want to use.

Nevertheless, the inverter may be installed in out-of-the way places just the loft. If this is the case, it’s worth thinking about investing an energy monitor that you can put in a more convenient place.


#3. Improve Your Home Energy Efficiency

It is a smart move to reduce your energy usage especially at night. As discussed earlier, one way is to use electrical appliances during the day while your solar PV is working.

Also make sure that you have installed power efficient lightening as this will return significant energy savings.

Moreover, it is your responsibility to switch off all the appliance when not in use like microwaves, televisions, mobile phone charges etc.

when to use appliances with solar panels


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when to use appliances with solar panels

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