Top 5 Solar Panel Installation Mistakes to Avoid When Going Solar

Top 5 Solar Panel Installation Mistakes to Avoid When Going Solar

5 Common Mistakes Newbies Often Make While Going Solar

Avoid These For Effective Solar Installation…

Solar energy is becoming increasingly important and thus solar installation mistakes can make or break the boons of going solar.

So, if you are deciding to invest in solar power system, you must avoid these top 5 solar panel installation mistakes which can impact your returns for solar.

 Take a look at the Biggest Solar Panel Installation Mistakes 

Mistake#1: Not checking the reputation of the solar company you are dealing with and the products they are offering.

Here’s the thing that matters the most is the quality of service offered by a solar company you are dealing with; it makes a huge difference between best solar installer and the worst solar installer.

However, you can easily find the truth behind the services offered by any solar company by googling on different Solar system review sites.

You can also check out the reputation of different solar companies that offers service for your local area or best solar panels for home use and can contact the ones that hold the best reputation.

Remember! To perform the solar installation process, a solar company is going to be walking on your roof and making penetrations in it.

It’s nothing but your roof that stops everything else you own from getting wet and therefore it is very important to find a solar company (holding pride in its reputation) that will look after the solar equipment they install as well as your roof!

In the same way you can check out the solar inverter and solar panel companies try and sell you.

One noticeable thing about residential solar panel is that it saves you money if it works for a long time and when you buy solar equipment part then purchase it with a promise that this equipment will keep working for 25 years.

Now you must consider the things like – How much do you trust this promise from each solar manufacturer and which of those are more likely to be around in 5, 10 or 15 years to proclaim their warranty!

All these are important things on which you need to make a decision when you buy solar.

solar panel installation mistakes

Mistake#2: Not getting multiple quotes on a system

Interestingly, two years back, when the Australian government offered 30% federal solar tax credits on solar panels, the residential solar system was being sold at $5 per watt making an average 6kW solar system $30,000.

Now there are a number of good solar companies out these installing high-quality solar PV systems at $3.50 per watt.

However, there is one thing unclear, that there are still some solar providers near you offering to install solar panels at both ends of this range today.

The most worrying thing is that many of the solar panel companies that sell at the higher end of this range use make use of high pressure sales techniques in order to get you to sign the agreement on the spot.

Matters get worse when some government websites still refer to the average solar system price as being $5.20 per watt, which further used to justify the high costs by corrupt solar companies.

But now it has become easy to get three quotes for solar using a number of commercial solar calculators available on the Internet.

This home solar calculator and solar quote comparison service is probably the best as it provides you an online estimate based on the average cost of current installations in your area, getting you live pricing from three of the highest rated solar companies that provide  service in your area.

solar panel installation mistakes

Mistake#3: Not understanding how to calculate your savings from going solar

Most of the people don’t understand how much they can save by switching to solar and because of this many customers get attracted to zero down third party leases that sound inexpensive up front but permit the solar company to collect most of the savings over the life of the solar PV system.

You can easily calculate your savings from installing solar panel system based on the utility company you are with, your location and your electricity usage on solar-estimate by entering your details.

If you provide valid details, they will get live pricing for you from local solar companies.

However, this is not the right thing to say that zero down third party leases and PPA’s do not provide benefits to people.

Instead, they have permitted some people who did not have the credit rating to borrow money or didn’t have the money to purchase solar panels or possibly the federal tax liability to use the 30% tax credit in order to make some savings with solar.

Simply, if you can’t buy solar panels outright, then a PPA is better than not installing solar at all.

solar panel installation mistakes

Mistake#4: Waiting for battery technology to emerge

In April 2015, the solar market was all buzz when Tesla proclaimed the launch of its Powerwall battery backup module.

This announcement caused many customers forced to think that they should hold off buying solar for such time so that they could purchase a cheaper battery storage module.

However, the truth is that if you reside in a state that has 1 for 1 retail net metering then the battery storage won’t be relevant to you while the net metering law remains.

To understand this in a better way you need to know what net metering legislation is.

Basically, net metering is a law that exists in states such as Sydney, Adelaide, New South Wales, Brisbane, Melbourne and others which says that for each unit of surplus solar power you transfer to the grid you get a credit for each unit of energy that you buy in the form of grid at another time.

Let’s taken an example – if you transferred 500kWh of generated surplus solar power during the day to the grid and you bought in 1000 units of solar power over the month at night you would only be charged for 500 units of power by the utility at the end of the month.

Note: Net metering is a very generous incentive and it gives the solar consumer the full retail value for all of their solar energy and additionally makes solar installation financially very attractive.

solar panel installation mistakes

Mistake#5: Waiting for solar to get cheaper

Another factor responsible for people holding back from buying solar is a perception that the cost of solar will ever fall much like IT equipment.

However, there is 30% Federal tax credit that pays for 30% of your solar system cost up front and the net metering law that we have discussed above.

Therefore, if you are holding off buying solar on the basis that solar might get cheaper, you should consider the possibility that these generous incentives may not be there in the future.

We have already seen the net metering law attacked and scaled backed in different states of Australia and the solar tax credit only narrowly survived a vote in the house in December 2015.

Now the question is – even if these solar incentives are still there in few years, will residential solar systems be that much cheaper?

Well, the residential solar is much more wide spread in countries like Australia, Germany, Spain and now even China is a much bigger installer of the solar power compared to US.

If given the extra permits, approvals and inspections required to install a solar panel in the US compared to other countries, like we mentioned, is unlikely the US costs per watt will ever fall as low as Australia or Germany.

solar panel installation mistakes

Thus, if you do buy a solar panel, you will not spend on power over the coming five years and in five years’ time you will have a solar system installed on your roof that owes you nothing but 20 years of warranted life in it.

So, if you are thinking of going solar, contact Solar Beam. We offer a wide range of high quality solar panels, inverters, and batteries in New South Wales. We aimed to deliver the best solar energy services at an affordable price.

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