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Solar Panel Deals, Rebates & Government Incentives Explained!

Thinking of going solar? Learn more about solar panel deals, special offers and rebates.

There are generous rebates and schemes available to help you save thousands of dollars on a solar system.

YES, you read it right!

You can literally save thousands of dollars on installing grid connected as well as off grid solar panels only if you qualify for one of the Australian Government’s solar rebates, grants or subsidies!

Moreover, with great solar panel deals, flexible payment options and competitive solar packages, we make switching to solar easy.

So, get ready to make a smart investment by picking up a solar package that meets the needs of your household, thereby delivering a great return on investment into the future.

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Australia’s Attractive Government Incentives

Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

Currently, the Government is helping the Aussies with the purchase of solar system by offering an upfront cash rebate or in other words, discounted price which is usually paid to the installer of the solar power system.

Essentially, STCs are openly operated for a value that fluctuates from day to day.

For instance, you will receive 103 STCs for a 5kW solar system which are currently traded around $38 each, offering an upfront rebates of $3,708.

In the past, the number of STCs available would have been around 300 and traded at $36 each meant you would have received a discount of $10,800.

However, over the years the cost of solar panels has dropped and so has the rebate.

On average, the value of these solar rebates covers around 20-30% of the total solar power system cost.

According to industry experts, since the solar panels cost has fallen down so much, with 5kW system (available anywhere from $7000), they no longer need to offer upfront deals or discounts to stimulate the purchase of these solar panel systems.

Furthermore, if people are happy to pay $15,000 for a 5kW solar power two years back, then why wouldn’t they pay $10,000 now, with or without any solar panel deals or rebates, and coupled with naturally increasing electricity costs.


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Besides this, other opinions suggest that an ex in this government incentives, rebates would provide the necessary funds in order to continue to finance the 8c and the 44c solar feed-in tariff rebates.

Large-Scale Generation Certificates (LGCs)

Solar Beam is experienced in generating and redeeming LGCs for our clients.

As Large-Scale Generation Certificates are not an upfront cash benefit, the process is little more involved than with small-scale technology certificates, however, in return LGCs offers a great secondary income stream for owners of solar panel system over 100kW in size.

Now the biggest question is –

How does this work?

Well, it’s very simple!

Let us tell you how …

Solar Beam registers your Solar PV system with the Government’s Clean Energy Regulator and fits the required hardware like utility-grade electricity generation metering as well as systems to collect, monitor and store data.

Now on your behalf, Solar Beam begins to generate LGCs (one megawatt-hour of electricity corresponds to one LGC).

Basically, LGCs are accounted for on an annual basis when they are sold to ‘Liable Entities’ by Solar Beam, with all their value then shifted back to you.

This is how you can earn the extra income on top of the electricity value generate by your Solar PV plant.

While the price of Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) has been unreliable, LGCs have enjoyed a very stable value over time, making them a great investment.


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REMEMBER! A solar rebate is not a feed in tariff.

People often get confuse on solar rebate with a feed in tariff, but here the concept should be clear.

A rebate is a one-off discount to offset the cost of your solar panel system. In other words, a feed in tariff is the rate you receive from your power retailer when they purchase your solar power from you.It’s an ongoing credit that you’ll receive for effectively selling your excess solar output.

At last, let’s take an overview of the solar rebate process

  • Determine solar system size you need
  • Let us make you available with 3 free solar quotes from experts solar installers
  • The quotes will include an estimate of your solar panels rebate
  • Now choose a company to supply and install your solar panels.
  • The installer will provide you with your solar panel deals, rebates based on your location and the size of the system.
  • Earn income from the excess power that your solar PV system generates in the form of electricity feed in tariffs.


Solar Beam want to help you reduce or even eliminate your electricity bill by proving you great specials on quality solar power system. Don’t forget to bookmark this page as we timely update our deals, offers, discounts and packages regularly. Also let others know about these great solar panel deals too!

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