Carnegie Clean Energy gets green

Carnegie Clean Energy Goes Green for New Solar Energy Park in WA

In the present scenario, Australia is struggling to meet its rapidly growing power consumption footprint and thus looking at a wide range of sources to potentially reduce customer demand.

Meanwhile, Carnegie Clean Energy has made an announcement to build a huge solar energy park near Bunbury in WA (Western Australia).

The solar plant will be comprised of 10 MWh (megawatt) hours of energy storage batteries and 10 MW (megawatts) of solar panels.

The location where giant solar energy is going to be planted is located in the south-west location of the state at the Kemerton Strategic Industrial Area – the Western Australia government’s land and development agency.

Solar Energy Park Plant – One Project for Many

Carnegie Clean Energy (CCE) is an Australian, ASX-listed solar energy who are specialized in delivering the mixed renewable energy projects to remote islands and communities.

Carnegie delivers its solar energy and solar battery storage projects and wave energy project developer with over 10,000 Australian shareholders.

This is the only company in whole world that offers a combination of solar, wave, battery storage and desalination through microgrids.

The planned Kemertone solar park is one of those major solar projects that company has pipelined or has completed.

Carnegie Clean Energy also recently announced that the company has received $2.1 million in additional funding collected from the Commonwealth Bank in order to fund its Garden Island microgrid project as well as for Research & Development.

Furthermore, the bank is also providing $4 million for Research & Development purposes, a total $6.1 million investment.

Garden Island microgrid is considered as an offshore project near Rockingham in Western Australia.

It’s a 2 megawatts solar farm with 2 megawatts of solar battery.

Previously, the company has received funding from ARENA for the facility.

This project will be a world-first in terms of being a wave energy integrated renewable microgrid project.

Carnegie Clean Energy assumes the connection to the grid to ensue in less than a month.

Other completed solar projects includes Carnarvon’s 300 KW solar power station and a 324 kW energy facility at Mackerel Islands. CCE is also providing battery storage and solar power for the CSIRO’s telescope system.

Western Australians Are Switching to Solar Power

Carnegie Clean Energy projects might be large-scale undertakings, but businesses and households in WA are switching to solar power.

The falling prices of solar panels and the rising cost of mains electricity are leading many Western Australia residents to look out for solar quotes in order to get a good deal on domestic solar.

At this point the Western Australia government is supporting the RET (Federal Renewable Energy Target). Nevertheless there has been an impulsion by the interest groups for the state in order to set its own targets to tackle weather change.

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