6 KW Solar System

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6 KW Solar System Package

More Power + More Energy = More Power Generation Over The Life of Your System.

Extended 10 years warranty offer available on selected inverters

Proven & specially selected by our team of expert engineers

Performance warranty of 25-30 years along with 10-12 years manufacturer’s warranty on photovoltaic panels

You can save big (up to 98%) on your electricity bill by switching to solar power.

Installation by CEC accredited electricians with 1-year workmanship warranty available

A 6kW Solar system is the most cost effective and reliable energy solutions. It uses the maximum amount of panels to produce right amount of electricity meeting an average household’s daily electrical needs.

This could produce an estimated 400 to 1,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of alternating current (AC) power per month.

A 6kW solar system uses the maximum amount of panels that is 20 solar panels in which each panel is 1.6m by 1m in size. To install 6kW solar panel you will need at least 40m2 of roof space. The important fact you need to know about 6kW solar panel is that it perfectly suits medium to large families.

The answer depends on the type and quality of solar panels. At Solar Beam, we offer good quality, fully installed 6kW solar system package cost worth $4399 in NSW after taking rebates into account.

Though, cheaper options are available but if you want a solar panel from trusted and reliable brands you must go with price as it is a good indicator of quality.

It is important to maximize reliability, longevity and of course output for a larger residential system so that you can get most of the return on investment and further save a lot of money over the life of the system.

The solar system comes with full replacement warranty including full technical support. According to rough figure, a 6kW solar system can save you up to around $2,500 a year on your electricity bills.

Besides this, you need to use a lot of power during the day time approx. 30kW if you want to save $650 on a quarterly.

If you become successful in getting the most out of your 6kW solar system then you can spend up to $10,000 and get the highest return on investment within 4 years.

Output of a 6kW solar panel usually depends on the location, quality and system positioning. Solar system installed in sunnier location produces more power.

The solar panels should be positioned to grasp as much direct sunlight as possible especially in summer months.

Although, a good quality 6kw solar system produces 26.4 units per day which is considered enough to offset an average household power usage.

Other important factor is quality – higher the quality of solar panels and inverters, the best output you will get.

According to the research of Clean Energy Council, a 6kW solar system in Sydney facing north direction will generate an average of 24kWh a day.

Very simple to understand, it produces more power in summer due to direct sunlight and less in winter. A 6kW solar system usually gives around 30kWh of power.

We often suggest battery storage because this can be too much power for many Australian households. With the help of solar battery you can use the solar power during the evening.

The savings of a 6kW solar system completely depends on its use in the house at the time of power generation. Depending on how much you pay, you can save around 22 to 30 cents a kWh.

On the other hand you will be paid around 5-12 cents kWh depending on your retailer for the energy you send back to the grid.

Normally, a 6kW solar system can save up to around $500 to $650 per quarterly bill.

The return on investment from a 6kW solar PV mostly depend on the presence or absence of a Solar Feed-in Tariff to the operator or owner of the solar system.

Generally, solar system owners get a premium for each kWh of energy through Solar Feed-in Tariff schemes which further send to the electricity grid.

In the same manner, financial payback depends on the total output of the system and also the utilization of power by the occupants of being a solar feed-in Tariff applied.

Following are the three situations in which owners of grid-connect solar PV system may find themselves relating with Solar Feed-in Tariff incentives:

  1. They have got permission to a 1-for-1 ‘Solar Buyback’ scheme in which they are paid an equivalent amount to their retailer electricity rate for each unit of solar energy they feed into the grid. Thus, people are suggested to reduce their power consumption as much as possible as in this way they can neither gain nor lose by self-consuming their solar energy.
  2. They have permission to access to a Solar-Feed-in Tariff which further helps solar system users to export all the power or energy to the grids.
  3. It’s not necessary whether solar feed-in incentive scheme exists or the rate offered to you is nominal. In such condition system owners are suggested to avoid exporting their solar energy to the grid and pay more attention to their electricity usage in order to make sure that they are self-consuming their solar power by utilizing more electricity when the sun is producing more sunlight and less when not.

A good quality 6kW solar system comes with an average payback period of around 2.5 to 4 years. You will save you electricity bills as soon as your 6kW system starts producing power. Saving the electricity bills will definitely make a big difference over the life span of your solar system.

Depending on the location you are in Australia, a 6kW solar system will generate different amount of energy per day. Here are some of the major cities of Australia stating the amount of energy produced by solar panel.

Brisbane – A 6kW solar system is expected to generate around 9,198kWh each year. This figure usually depends on cloudy days, rainy days and shiny days.

Sydney – In Sydney a 6kW solar system is expected to produce around 8,54kWh each year.

Perth – 6kW sola power produces around 9,636kWh each year.

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