6.6 KW Solar System

6.6kw solar system with saj inverter

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6.6 KW Solar System Package

6.6KW consists of 24 x 275 Watt high-efficiency solar panels (6600 Watts)

with SAJ Inverter

Other options-There are two types of 6.6kW inverter:

  • $ 3200 for 6.6kW with Kstar Inverter
  • $ 3800 for 6.6kW with Fronius Inverter

Extended 10 years warranty offer available on selected inverters

Proven & specially selected by our team of expert engineers

Performance warranty of 25-30 years along with 10-12 years manufacturer’s warranty on photovoltaic panels

You can save big (up to 98%) on your electricity bill by switching to solar power.

Installation by CEC accredited electricians with 1-year workmanship warranty available

6.6kW Solar System is just perfect for the residential and commercial applications. The system is an incubated balance between affordability and efficiency.

You can cut out huge in your electricity bill with a 6.6kw solar system. Reckon! It’s sufficient for the energy use of large family to a small commercial space. Shove off your energy bill with our ultimate eco-friendly 6.6kw solar system for your residential and business purpose.

Well, we design the most affordable and cost-effective 6.6 kW solar system package without cutting of the standard, which paybacks your investment in roughly 3 to 5 years. That’s within our extreme warranty period.

Moreover, our entire system is more reasonable than you might think. Besides that, we ensure to deliver the most reputable, reliable and right-priced systems, backed with warranties of manufacturers and our own durability and proficiency in the solar industry.

We Hit All Residential, Commercial And Industrial Solar Solutions Jobs Effectively And Efficiently!!

To help cut through the noise, we have made a list of the frequently asked questions. Read on to get the answer at the spot.

Frequently Asked Questions - 6.6 kW Solar System Package

A top-notch and standard 6.6kW solar panels system will typically cost you 3199 AUD.

6.6kW solar systems are quite cost effective and efficient for your residential or small commercial purpose. Moreover, the high-level efficiency of power production means your investment will pay off sooner in 3 to 5 years.

However, you can go for cheaper components like panels and investors which might save you big initially. Still, in longer-term, they gonna make your expenses increase with short equipment lifespans and expensive repairs.

At Solar Beam, we are more concerned quality over quantity. Hence, we deliver you the optimum quality solar system backed by a huge warranty period.

A 6.6 kw solar system encompasses of 22 solar panels!!

Each of the solar panel in the 6.6kw solar system has a size of 1.6m by 1m. So, you need to check first the space available on your rooftop or not.

Most importantly, this solar panel system perfectly goes with larger family to small business or commercial power usage.

Well, the 6kW solar system output usually depends on major factors which includes:

  • Location
  • Temperature extremes
  • Solar Panels quality
  • Number of peak sunlight hours
  • System positioning
  • Shade (even small amounts)
  • Panel orientation

Evidently, solar system installed at sunnier places produces more power. So, it should be placed at a site which avails direct sunlight as possible.

Larger Australian domiciles require around 24kwh of energy each day (excluding swimming pool) and 6.6kW solar system is perfect to acquire that target.

Mostly, an average Australian rooftop receives about 5 hours of peak sunlight daily. Hence, this concludes that with north-facing 6.6kW solar system can produce an average of 20kWh to 27kWh of electricity daily over the year.

Each 6.6kw solar panel requires 1m x 1.6m of space.

Moreover, in the entire 6.6kw solar system there are 22 solar panels and each set of 4 panels is equal to 1 kilowatt. Evidently, you require almost the addressed area for establishing the solar system.

6.6 kW solar panel is a perfect option for large household to small-scale trade purpose.

This is why, 6.6kw solar system getting popular solar system size among the Aussies of NSW who are looking for some eco-friendly energy sources.

Additionally, it gets you a huge cut on your monthly energy bill, isn’t that exciting.

Solar Beam can help you get the best solar system size that goes with your requirement. You just need to decide what your requirement is and rest can be left to us!

We Intent to Get Your Energy Bills Down, Close To Zero!

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