5 Solar Power Saving Tips to Maximize Your Investment & Save Money

5 Solar Power Saving Tips to Maximize Your Investment & Save Money

Energy Saving Tips with Solar Power

You’ve made a smart choice by installing the solar panel in your home.

It’s a great way to reduce your electricity bills and generate free energy.

In this blog, we have come up with 5 solar power saving tips that will help you save electricity and save money.

We all know that we could do a lot around the home to save the solar power, but where to start?

Although some of the biggest power savers require both time and money, there are plenty of changes you can make to save solar energy and money.

With just a few simple changes, you could be saving hundreds of pounds on electricity bills.

So, if you’re looking for ways to save energy and cut down on your spending’s, apply these 5 solar energy conservation methods.

  1. Use Your Appliances Wisely

A smart way to use and save solar energy is to wisely run your energy-hungry appliances, such as washing machine, dishwasher and dryer during the day so that you can lighten up the power load at night.

Solar panel produces maximum output during daylight by converting sun’s radiation into power.

So, it’s the best time to charge your devices, wash your clothes and slow cook your dinner while the sun is out.

Make sure you don’t exceed your energy budget for stagger appliances and if you work away from home, make use of delay settings and timers.

5 Solar Power Saving Tips


  1. Understand Your Bills

To manage energy consumption, it is important to understand your power bills. Addressing the biggest sources of energy – the most common heating and cooling, hot water and standby power.

If your power consumption is high in winter, then you should consider the use of sealing gaps around doors, warmer bedding and windows that are letting in draughts.

You might also want to invest in heavier curtains, roof insulation or more energy-efficient heaters.

It is advised to close all doors or pull on a jumper before turning up the device.

During summer, the most efficient ways of cooling your house include opening windows for cross-ventilation and using fans rather than air-conditioning.

For example, if you have a pool in your house, run the pump only in off-peak periods.

5 Solar Power Saving Tips


  1. Unplug Your Appliances

You might think that turning off home appliances is the best way to save power.

But it’s not!

Many modern appliances use standby power when not in use – from telephone charges to computers to TVs.

This unused power accounts for 75% of the electricity that home appliances consume.

So when you are done watching TV or charging your phone, it’s best to unplug completely.

5 Solar Power Saving Tips

  1. Heat Or Cool Your Home During Daytime

It is estimated that heating and cooling our homes accounts for up to 50% of our total energy usage.

Reduce the power load by setting your air-conditioner to come on in the afternoon.

This is because it brings the core temperature of the house down and so there’s less demand on your electricity supply in the evening when energy rates are at its peak.

Be smart and heat your room up to 20 degrees in winter and further cool up to 26 degrees in summer.

Each degree could whack an extra 10% onto your energy bill when you crank up the thermostat in winter.

5 Solar Power Saving Tips


  1. Keep Your Panels Clean

Dust, sand, build-up of salt, tree debris and bird mess can affect the output of the solar system.

Thus, make a habit of cleaning your solar panels in the morning/afternoon as it will keep your panels in good working order.

Also make sure that your panels are free from leaves and debris.

So, with these 5 solar power saving tips, you can not only save energy but also can get the most out of your solar power.

5 Solar Power Saving Tips

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