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5.5 KW Solar System Package

More Power + More Energy = More Power Generation Over The Life of Your System.

Extended 10 years warranty offer available on selected inverters

Proven & specially selected by our team of expert engineers

Performance warranty of 25-30 years along with 10-12 years manufacturer’s warranty on photovoltaic panels

You can save big (up to 98%) on your electricity bill by switching to solar power.

Installation by CEC accredited electricians with 1-year workmanship warranty available

5 kilowatt solar systems have become one of the most popular installed systems in NSW, Australia. The energy generated by these systems is significant, not only this, it delivers great value-for-money.

The average Australian uses 920kWh per month. If you’re one of them, a 5000W system is probably a great fit for you.

Installing a 5KW solar system at your home or business is a perfect way to cut your electricity bills and get back control of your power usage.

Our systems are absolutely more affordable than you might think. We work hard to ensure that we deliver the most reputable, reliable, competitively well priced systems which are backed up with manufacturer warranties and our own longevity and experience in the solar industry.

Moreover, there’s a lot of information out there over the internet about 5KW solar system, but not all of it is reliable.

To help cut through the noise, we have made a list of the frequently asked questions. Read on to get the answer at the spot.

Frequently Asked Questions - 5 kW Solar System Package

The photovoltaic effect is the inventor of electric current or voltage in a material upon exposure to light and is a chemical or physical phenomenon.

The 5kw solar panel uses this PV effect in order to convert energy from sunlight into direct current electrical energy. After that, an inverter unit changes direct current into alternating current for your home’s electrical circuits. Most of the solar cells are made of silicon.

Solar panels which are also referred as modules made of several solar cells that connect together and lie between a backing plate and protective glass. Usually, the whole solar panel is surrounded with an aluminum frame.

These solar panels work best when pointy directed at the sun i.e. facing the north. The panels should be at an optimal angle and not shaded or blocked by the trees. The 5kw solar panels work depends on the weather and where you live.

Based on the standard 300W panels, a 5KW solar system is comprised of 17 panels. This means you’ll require about 30-40 m2 of roof space, depending on the wattage of the solar panels.

Today, 5kw solar systems have emerged as one of the most popular installed system in Australia. This comes with a considerable size for a typical household and energy generated by these systems is significant.

The main thing about this solar system is that it not only delivers great value for money but also best suited for households. Along with that, this 5kw solar system comes with an average daily consumption of around 28+ units per day.

Now the question is how many panels does a 5kw solar system require? If you are planning to fix a 5kw solar system on your house roof then must have thinking this question.

Let us make it easy for you; in order to make up a 5kw solar system you need 20 solar panels. The size of each panel will be about 1.6m x 1m which clearly means that you will require about 30-40 m2 of roof space, assuming you use 250W panels.

Our 5KW Solar Systems are incredibly cost-effective and can cater you with the safeguard against future power cost elevations. It will certainly cost a different amount depending on the brand you buy it from.

We offer good quality, fully installed 5kW solar system package (Jinko solar coupled with Zever inverter) cost worth $3950 in NSW after taking rebates into account.

The amount you would save by installing a 5kw solar system will depend on different situations. Some of them are:

  1. It is obvious that more you pay for power the more money a solar system saves. You must keep in mind while calculating this that solar system will take consumption away from your most expensive bands.
  2. Secondly, the location. This means that the more sunlight you receive, the more power you get which further results in greater savings.

However, the answer to this question may not true for everyone as the range of savings from a 5kw solar system is likely to be more from $800 per year to $1400 per year especially in the places with high power prices and more sunlight.

A 5kw solar system is widely known for its capability of generating maximum power output under perfect conditions. It can most definitely save your money. On average, a 5kW solar system produces 22-24 units of electricity per day which is enough to offset a typical Aussie power usage.

A 5KW Solar System can dramatically help you reduce the running costs of your electricity bills. Thinking how much will I save by switching a 5kw solar system? In short, there is no “one size fits all” answer. It depends…

To find out how much you can save with it, there are a number of variations need to be considered.

  • Cloud cover levels
  • Expected daily & annual solar irradiation
  • Your average level energy consumption
  • Orientation & tilt angle of the solar panel array
  • Power usage patterns
  • Your feed-in tariff rate

Use our Solar Power Savings Calculator to find out how much you can save with a 5KW Solar System. Also get 100% free solar quotes and compare solar panels prices to take advantage of renewable energy from our solar experts.

Again, it varies on several factors that are needed to be taken into consideration before calculating average pay back period. These factors include:

  • What is your energy needs
  • What type of solar panel best meets your needs?
  • What types of rebates and financial incentives are available to you?
  • How much you currently spend on energy determines how much you can save.

A good quality 5kW solar power system produces an average 25 kWh per day and its average payback period in the NSW is between 6 to 8 years.

Yes! A perfect way to cut the electricity bills is to install a 5kw solar system at your home or business which further helps you to get back control of your power usage.

The 5kw solar system cost effective, powerful and can cater you with the safeguard against future power cost elevations. The cost can vary depending upon the brand you buy it from. In the whole world, Australia is home to some of the lowest solar PV system prices.

The average cost of 5kw solar system price we offer in Australia is $3,950. The price of the 5kw solar system also depends on how much capacity you want including any additional features such as battery backup for home automation and when the grid is down.

The solar batteries comes compatible with any existing solar system and it can easily get connected directly to your meter board in the place we install a system hub which further connects your house to the cloud for management and advanced system monitoring.

One of the most effective solar system sizes in Australia is 5kw (Kilowatts). This 5kw solar system makes a right balance between cost, size and affordability.

But here question arises ‘can you go off-grid with a 5kw solar system’? The answer is yes! There are a number of reasonable factors that influence how easily you can go-off grid with a 5kw solar system.

Some of them are as follows:

  1. If your house consumes more energy for example, more than 15kw per day, then it would be difficult for a 5kw solar system to meet all of your energy needs.
  2. Some places get more sunlight as compared to other places. A rooftop in Darwin receives more sunshine than in Brisbane, on the other hand a roof in Brisbane receives more sunlight than one in Melbourne.
  3. You won’t need a large battery bank, if you are using most of your electricity during the daylight hours. This is because you consume the solar energy directly.
  4. The other main reason is the optimal roof orientation and tilt in which a north facing rooftops whose tilt is rough at some angles since the location’s latitude produce the maximum power.

A 5kW Solar System is a Perfect size for Medium to Large Households. Because on this, it has become one of most popular solar system size in NSW.

Solar Beam can help you choose the best solar system size that is right for your ideal home. You just have to decide what size solar panel installation best suits your needs and budget.

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